Barry Carney created a new topic ' Polar alignment stopped working' in the forum. 2 years ago

I did an update yesterday using the Stellarmate updater tool and tonight when doing a polar alignment it's not working. I started with around 15' error, then the next iteration was again around 15' but the opposite direction, then again the next was still around the same error in the opposite direction again. In the end I cut my losses and just moved the star half the distance indicated by the vector and ended up with around 6' error.

I've had problems before but that's when the direction of the vector changes and then each iteration the error gets worse. This time the error stays about the same but fluctuates around the center.

I've checked the Kstars version and it is 3.5.0 beta. Build 2020-08-29TO2:41:24Z. Im actually surprised to see its beta as I though I was only ever downloading stable releases when updating.

Any ideas or tips?