Hi Wouter,

I have an odroid N2 that I'm sure I had working when I tried this last time, but this time I reboot and I can neither connect via VNC nor do I get a login, just a flashin underscore.

The only difference between this time and last time is that I am not 100% sure sure I was following this instruction, though it is very likely I was using the odroid one, and the N2 was using Ubuntu 18.04.

Any tips to resolvign beyond removing the xorg.conf file I created and buying an HDMI emulator dongle?

I can get in using Ctrl-Alt-F4, so can probably answer questions that can be got to from the cli, but I am very green with Linux so I'd probably need it spelled out if there is anything complex to do - the last time I was usign commands like ls and rm the century started with 19 and I was a lot slimmer...

All the best,