Karl Rees replied to the topic 'New Pentax Driver Testing' in the forum. 8 months ago


PTP mode does not support Bulb mode. You need to switch to MSC mode. Honestly, unless you need live video, you may just want to forget about PTP mode (though I welcome testing).

In either mode, the Native driver (I cannot speak for gPhoto/legacy) is highly untested, unfortunately. The most feedback I ever received on it was from people using older camera models that ultimately just wouldn't work. The K-70, on the other hand, should work well, ideally, so I really appreciate feedback like yours. Could you let me know which OS you're using, as well as the specific hardware you're running on?

The Native driver hasn't changed in a few months. I'm not sure how far behind Astroberry is, but last time I tried it I think it was fairly up-to-date, so I doubt that an upgrade affected anything.

I need to investigate the SD card issue--I thought that worked, but it's not part of my normal process flow. I usually just save to the client. I'm on an extended road trip right now, so it may be a week or two before I have my equipment available to test.