Karl Rees replied to the topic 'New Pentax Driver Testing' in the forum. 6 months ago

No. There are not enough hours in the day, unfortunately. I did respond to the pixel size issue on GitHub. I think it's technically a KStars/Ekos issue, not a driver issue, but the driver could probably be enhanced to supply the values for the K70 so as to avoid the issue in the future.

I had done some initial profiling a while back to see how much time FITs conversion was taking on the Pi4. I was surprised to find it taking less than a second, which is a big improvement over the Pi3 and probably attributable to having more memory available. Unfortunately, this means that clipping and/or downsampling before FITs conversion is unlikely to help much--the bottleneck right now appears to be the transfer from the camera to the Pi4. I'm going to look into it one more time just to double check, though.

Were there any other loose ends?