AstroNerd wrote: Hello, and welcome
Yes there have been issues with this Beta version, but until Ubuntu mate is officially supported it will continue to be a beat version..there is a new version coming out very soon, 1.4.5 with a new kernel and other upgrades, and this too will be based on KDE..
I myself don’t have any of the issues reported...not sure why but mine works flawlessly, and yes I posted about the resolutions not being ideal for my 4K monitor, and the latest 1.4.4 still will not run in 4K, but again this should be sorted as soon as Jasem gets his own 4K monitor so he can test.. ?

That's good to hear. In parallel I did set up INDI/KStars on the PI4 and Ubuntu Mate (using the server version and installing a desktop) so I always have that to fall back on / tinker with.

Regarding shutdown, I always used the Shutdown option from within the app. I need to re-attach my gear and test the current instal I have, as I have just been testing with the Simulator for now in case things stopped working again. That's tonight's job as there are clear skies forecast!


Morning all,

I posted on another forum that I was having issues with getting 1.4.4 (beta) to work properly on the RPi 4. I know this is in beta, so didn't really expect flawless performance. I still have a few niggles, but thought I would just document what I have encountered so far:

1. After initial setup the RPi would only boot to a black screen - Never did solve this one, and it happened a few times, so just re-imaged and tried again.
2. After initial setup StellarMate OS would not re-create the WiFi HotSpot. It all booted up fine, opened KStars, but was looking to connect to my home WiFi instead of setting up the "stellarmate" hotspot. To solve this I just factroy re-set the StellarMate OS from within Linux. I suppose a re-flash may also solve this.
3. Any time after the initial setup the Android StellarMate App will not connect to the StellarMate. I'm not sure if this is related to logging in to the App, the order i'm doing things in or what, but removing the previous device from the list on the left allows me to connect and operate everything.

Anyone have anything else? I saw somewhere that someone had to edit the rpi-config file as something wasn't right with display resolutions, but can't find the exact post.