I just received a QHYCFW3S-SR filter wheel for use with my QHY294M camera, I have attached the CFW3 to the camera using the 4 pn RJ11.
As I understand I only need to use the  indi_qhy_ccd and the CFW3 should appear when Ekos starts the camera. However this doesn't appear to happen.
There are no messages in the indi control panel to show CFW3 has been detected and no options or filter values available in the camera tab of Ekos.
When the CFW3 is connected it makes whirring sound (good) and the status light blinks and lights green for 2 seconds which indicated that 4pin mode
is set inside the CFW3. The camera is powered by a 10A 12v power brick so no power issue. The camera is connected via usb3 and I can take images
I tested it both remotely on raspberry pi (Ubuntu 20,x arm64) and locally on intel workstation  (Ubuntu 20.x x86-64). Kstars and all packages are fully up to date (29 July 2021). QHY SDK version 21.7.3. The camera works fine, but no filter wheel.
I guess I am missing something.