Hi Jasem. Yes I have tested many many times on 2 different servers. I am currently just running a
test using telescope simulator and qhy kit connected to my workstation via usb3 and powered with separate 12v power brick. Not all that sure about how to enable more logging. I get this
in indi control panel at startup:

2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Debug is disabled.
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] World Coordinate System is enabled.
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Device configuration applied.
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] USB Buffer updated to 512
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] USB Traffic updated to 0
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Offset updated to 8
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Gain updated to 1600
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Upload settings set to client only.
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Loading device configuration...
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] USB Traffic Settings: Value: 0 Min: 0 Max: 255 Step 13
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Offset Settings: Value: 0 Min: 0 Max: 200 Step 1
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Gain Settings: Value: 1 Min: 0 Max: 3624 Step 1
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Humidity Support: False
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Camera exposure limits: Min: 0.000001s Max: 3600s Step 0s
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Current read mode: 11M MODE (4164x2822)
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Sensor resolution for mode 47M MODE: 8336x5648 px
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Mode 1: 47M MODE
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Sensor resolution for mode 11M MODE: 4164x2822 px
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Mode 0: 11M MODE
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Number of read modes: 2
2021-07-30T06:00:14: [INFO] Using QHY SDK version 21.7.3
2021-07-30T06:00:11: [INFO] Connected to QHY294PROM-8afa9343bb46964a3.
2021-07-30T06:00:11: [INFO] Debug is enabled.

No errors but no indication that CFW3 is connected, but the camera works fine.