Hi. I tested it on astroberry/kstars , and also my old Ekos pi server. Unfortunately I updated these a week or so ago so they are all on the same QHY sdk version 21.7.3. Same result (or lack of) in each case.
I also noticed that sometimes the camera does not initialise as you say. Disconnect from Ekos, pull out the usb cable put it back in and camera starts
fine but no filter wheel.
Maybe I am looking in the wrong area ? I was presuming I would get an extra tab in the ccd section of indi control panel ? Nothing there.
When all is powered on the motor in the FW runs for a few seconds, the status light blinks then goes solid green for 2 seconds and then goes off. Hopefully that is all how it is supposed to go ? Broken/misconfigured hardware or some problem with indi_qhy_ccd ?