I started setting up my new ZWO camera last night with the 1.4.6 which i though I would upgrade to first. However noticed some very odd behaviour.
I have a RPI 4B 4GB.
As soon as I connect the ZWO 294 to one of the USB3 ports on the RPI4 the stellarmate hotspot dissapears/drops. I tested this a number of times to make sure. Disconnect the camera usb lead from either end (the camera end or the RPI4 end) and the wifi comes up again shortly. Connect the camera and the wifi hotspot drops away.

It feels like there may be some interplay of the USB drivers and the wifi system?

I found a similar post where someone else described very similar behaviour with his QHY cam.
I suspect there is something going on with drivers/irqs/pci bus or even maybe electronic noise. I did try and issolate any affect of noise from my power sources, and even tried short USB3 leads to and from the camera and pi to limit any cable pickup/capacitance.

Can anyone duplicate this effect or experienced it? How did you resolve?