So just to add to my previous post regarding Wifi dropping when connecting my ZWO 294 to the RPI4 with Stellarmate 1.4.6:

I flashed Astroberry 2.0 last night and used the exact same hardware, connected all my gear in the same way, ZWO 294 into the USB3 port etc, and Wifi hotspot is stable. No issues. Yipee!!!
So for me this certainly discounts any power source noise issues, low power issues (I'm using a 12v 6A), or RPI4 hardware issue.
In fact it squarely points the problems at being within the Stellarmate software/image and perhaps the drivers/kernel modules being used to run the RPI4 hardware.

Not sure what more I can do, what logs I could provide etc, so that we can get Stellarmate as stable as rock rock too as I like the product and paid for it. But I'm some sense I'm disappointed, as its been a struggle getting things up and running, and I've raised support requests with the Stellarmate team and not had any replies.

For now I will stick with Astroberry 2.0 and concentrate on getting my skills up capturing a few nebulae :)
So excited!
Clear skies all.