Patrick replied to the topic 'New Bahtinov Mask Assistant Tool' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hello relicsraage,

Thanks for trying the Bathinov Mask Assistant Tool. Sorry to hear that you have problems getting a good flare. I didn't change anything to the exposure mechanism, so the fact that you have trouble getting a good flare should not be related to the Bahtinov setting. However, if it might be a result of my implementation, I sure will look into it.

You can try the following things to see if that resolves the issue:

1. Select another detection algorithm (e.g. SEP or Gradient) but leave your Bahtinov mask in place and try if you still can't get a good flare. The detection algorithm has no effect on the exposure, only on detecting a star. With another detection algorithm Ekos won't be able to detect if the focus is right, but it will show that the exposure problem is not related to the Bahtinov detection algorithm. If it does affect the exposure, then I sure will look into it. Then something must have gone wrong in my software implementation.
2. In the focus tab, in the image preview area there are several buttons. One of the buttons is the auto stretch button (a dot with 4 triangles around it). If you press that button, the image will be stretched and that will probably show the flare that you expect. If the button is unpressed, then no stretching is applied and the image looks very dim (not much stars are shown, that could probably be the cause of the absence of the flare).

I hope these answers will help. If not, let me know.