I recently discovered that there is joystick support in INDI. What a great feature! Last week I was struggling outside in the cold with my setup to get it aligned. The Mount control window isn't that comfortable to use, so when I found out that joystick control was possible, I wanted to control my mount with a joystick.

I have a Raspberry Pi with Astroberry running to which all my equipment is connected (mount and camera's).
On my local PC I have KStars with Ekos. By setting up a remote connection (using the INDI Web Manager) I was able to connect remotely to my mount and camera's. I also could connect my joystick to my Raspberry Pi and control my mount with the joystick, however, I still needed to go outside to operate the joystick.

Is possible to connect to my setup remotely, but with a joystick connected to my local PC?
If so, how to configure it in such a way that I can control my mount (remotely connected) with my joystick (locally connected)?

I hope this is possible.

Kind regards,