Thank you for looking! Background: I’ve been experimenting with using the Indi Plate-Solving module to correct alignment slop in my Dob/Sky Safari/Nexus DSC/Servocat setup. I was able to achieve getting the RPi4/Stellarmate environment working together with my setup, but realized I would need to script Ekos in order to automate a solve/align after each goto/slew. I discovered a link on Cloudynights pointing to a Github project which looks very similar to what I would like to achieve.  INSTALLATION   
   On Debian or Ubuntu:  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mutlaqja/ppa  sudo apt-get update  sudo apt install git indi-full gsc kstars-bleeding swig libcfitsio-dev libnova-dev python3-tk  
   git clone  cd PiINDIControlPad  pip3 install --user pipenv  pipenv install astropy pyindi-client numpy tzlocal tk I’m having some issues completing the installation instructions: My first attempt involved using my Stellarmate OS and trying to apply the installation “on top”. Raspian doesn’t seem to recognize the “ppa” structure. I created a new Ubuntu (20.10) install but am having issues with 1)      Gsc  Module not found2)      Pyindi-client  Error Also, Ubuntu seems incredibly slow compared to a Rasbian install. Could there be another option which would perform better? Or perhaps a method to make this project compatible with Stellarmate? Would someone be kind enough to help me work through these issues? I would be happy to pay for your time or contribute to your favorite charity. Any suggestions are appreciated!