Have you purged all configuration at the mount tab?
Every time you make a correction it accumulates there. Often it's easier to start with a clean slate.


No GPS shouldn’t be a big deal.
I got a super-cheap one on amazon... I think it was less than 10€...
Eitherway, if you set the system hour manually you won’t be too far off. Just double check the hour needed by the system (local, UTC, daylight savings, or similar).


The description of your problem matches exactly mine.
In my case it was the longitude that was wrong. The hemisphere obviously also needs to be the correct, and lastly the hour.
I suggest you have it gathering the hour from the system to troubleshoot, but ideally you would get coordinates and time from the GPS.
The key aspect is that if the time or longitude are wrong the calculated Zenith is pointing on the wrong direction.

One more critical aspect.
My DEC always starts with a full rotation Eastwards, regardless where the target is. I don’t know why, but it does once at the begging of a session IF I didn’t park at the end of the previous session. If I park it, it never does that full rotation. If I don’t park it, it always starts with a full rotation (once I start slewing)

Give it a try. Apart from these little tricks, I super pleased with the portability of the RPi.


I fixed my system by simulating the GPS on INDI, and this time I used the correct coordinates. My GPS Dongle doesn't really pick up signal from my balcony... (great location for testing and learning how to use my system, horrible for GPS signal)
I was incorrectly putting positive degrees when my location is Eastwards. To avoid negative numbers, I did 360-East coordinates.
Also, avoid mixing Longitude with Latitude.
Once that was fixed, it worked fine.

I hope this helps!


I’m having the exact same issues, with the exact same equipment, the only difference is that I’m using Astroberry on my RPi4.
I’ll try to gather logs of the system to post them here.
Thank you!


Tiago Lopes replied to the topic 'Horizon Data' in the forum. 3 years ago

You guys may want to check the app CamSextant. It's free and works great tracking multiple items in the horizon. It also has some nice calibration feature, as it picks up a few stars and fine-tunes its precision. I'm still learning how to use it, but to capture the line of the horizon seems pretty easy.



I'll start by thanking the developers of this awesome software package!

I was having issues in connecting an EQMod compatible equipment but finally solved it, so I want to share it since the may need some attention.
By the way, I'm an absolute zero in linux.

I was connecting my EQStar Pro (cool GoTo kit from Astro-gadget), but the INDI was always presenting an error.
After multiple attempts, trying different drivers (Synscan, syscan legacy, etc...) I dumped into a old forum where some people had problems with a GPS device.
I don't even have a GPS, but gave it a try and it worked.
The solution was to type the command:

sudo systemctl stop gpsd gpsd.socket

More information here:

In other forums I found that this gps issue has been giving headaches since at least 2012...

Many thanks for all the great help!