Joachim created a new topic ' QHY5III178M not working' in the forum. 3 months ago

Hi. I have a problem with the QHY5III178M and the latest driver (from master branch in github) for it.

I am trying to use it as a guide camera connected to a Raspberry Pi 4. For testing purposes it is the only thing connected to the Pi. The firmware seems to be loaded (lsusb lists the ID as 179 not 178, dmesg shows it at well). The driver connects to the camera fine. But when I want to get an exposure, it takes a long time after the exposure time is over and eventually the info comes that the exposure is restarted. The log shows some error message with SingleFrame failure error: -1. Now I found similar problem descriptions in the forum, so I would hope that someone can give me a hint to a solution. I should add that to my understanding it is not actually related to the indi-qhy driver, but the QHYCCD SDK. In fact a very similar error message is also shown as part of the output when running the qhy_ccd_test, the output of which I attach here

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. If there is no known fix, or if this entirely depends on QHYCCD I would also be happy to hear whether someone is using some older version with success - I had some more success months ago, but I did not manage anymore to find the corresponding version of the driver/SDK.

Any help appreciated!