Here (KStars 3.3.9 on Ubuntu) a right-click near the icons opens a menu where I can change the icons size.
Perhaps the same works on the MacBook, with Ctrl-click, not sure.


I had the same problems with VNC, the screen resolution is set to 1920x1080 but it seems smaller...

I would suggest to try "remote desktop connection", here it works perfectly with my Pi4.
I installed "xrpd" in the Pi4 and "Remmina" as the client in my PC, as explained in this page:

I add a screenshot, my PC has a 1920x1068 screen resolution, the Pi4 has 2880x1620 :-)

I hope this helps !



I have a similar problem with my QHYIMG-0H camera, it connects successfully but fails when I try to capture a frame:
"[ERROR] GetQHYCCDSingleFrame error (-1) "

These are my first tests with Indi, so I am a bit "lost" and would need some help...

I am using the last stable release of Indi, installed yesterday following the instructions here:

I tried with a powered usb hub, but without differences.
I tried also with Indi installed in Ubuntu, on an other PC, same problem...

I would exclude a problem with the camera, it works well with PHD2 on Windows 7.

I add some logs, I hope they could be useful.
Thanks in advance !


Hi to all,

I should buy a "Usb serial relay/shutter" for my Nikon D90, for exposures > 30 seconds.
I searched in the forum but I have not understood well which type is working or not.

Can I ask which adapter you are using for your Nikon DSLRs ?

Thanks in advance !