Pavel replied to the topic 'iEXOS100 Mount Tested With PMC8 Driver' in the forum. 2 years ago

Maybe the joystick is not available at the moment the INDI drivers start and turns off again? I noticed that happens with the mount as well. It is not a plug and play system, it only tries once...?

Yes, I would like to contribute, I just do not trust myself. My first experiments ended with a damaged mount and I had to return it. I only tried to telnet and query the firmware version and still the mount stopped working. A discouraging experience. So, when I see something is not implemented by a more competent person, I am afraid there might be some good reason for that. I will try to get deeper into the INDI system, if I can, but I will surely always try to raise questions before trying to actually "fix" something that should not be played with for some good reason.

I really like the whole INDI system architecture, but I still wonder about some details of the implementation, such as the array-like implementation of switches and the reason for such implementation decisions (what happens if I try to switch on more then one option? etc.). I should probably get some time to study the documentation closer before trying to hack something (and break it).