Hello everybody, hope everyone's quarantining is going well!

Just wanted to let you know that we have made a first video showcasing a share-session via INDIHUB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf8HVAfD8nQ

Also, meanwhile we've have been working on a number of things:

1. made indihub-agent to be more light weight in terms of CPU/RAM, I actually have been running indihub-agent v1.0.6 directly on my RPI 3b+ for last four months - it has never crashed or made RPI irresponsive, so it can be considered as a well behaved agent :)

2. redesigned backend for traffic-relays to make it more robust and ready for bigger load

3. image processing pipeline with 1st steps including
- image preprocessing with generating previews
- plate solving and celestial objects extraction
- finding satellites trails and calculating IODs to be submitted to TruSat
- finding moving parts (we started with naive blinking algorithm implementation)
- all this data will be available as public APIs
All pieces of INDIHUB MVP as a platform are coming together and I think it will be ready soon for open sourcing.

4. Integrating INDIHUB with World Wide Telescope project - this is very cool project from AAS and Microsoft so we are very excited to use it for INDIHUB WEb-UI! (coming soon)

5. integrating indihub-agent to be run on host directly from KStars - I will re-prioritize this work and continue asap

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer sky!

Clear Skies,