Yes, we do have all hosts in DB but we need a UI to present them in a usable way. Good timing, we are focusing to release Web UI in around 1st week of October! There will be directory of observatories where you can find and request share session.
Also, with that release we are going to introduce sign up and sign in asking hosts for email, after sign in you can add you equipment (if you have indihub-agent installed) and then you appear in the directory of observatories.

I spent most of the time this summer to make sure traffic can be processed with the minimum of computational resources. Unfortunately, had to stop the imaging processing pipeline process and development as it is getting too expensive, I will need to rethink and optimize it. So all integration with 3d parties is postponed (temporarily). The good news - share session traffic communication is very light wait and doesn't require any significant computational power.

I will post here when UI is ready to test.


p.s. meanwhile let me know if you want to be a guest to use my equipment - I will be glad to set it up and can message you connection string!