Terry Webb replied to the topic 'Astroberry Bluetooth GPS' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi Radek,

OK - Looks like cgps and gpsmon are not installed by default - so ran apt-get update gpsd-utils and they become available.

So have ensured TomTom GPS device has a fix - shown by green led indicator flashing on device.
Ensured gps device attached by running rfcomm connect 0 mac-address - then system bluetooth icon shows it connected - and the device blue indicator flashing
Ensured gpsd was running - gpsd -b /dev/rfcomm0 used -b option as safety mode
Ran cgps and gpsmon - no data showing
Ran cat /dev/rfcomm0 - got usual gps data
Screenprint attached showing all the above.

Presume I am doing something wrong - assigning device to wrong serial port maybe?

Any help appreciated.