Thank you for your replies. I wasn't aware of Ekos live. Not exactly what I was looking for, but close.

rickbassham wrote: Some quick searches of the forum show that Stellarmate has an offline version for Ekos Live. Which is good if you are using a Raspberry Pi for imaging.

That would be great indeed. I'll search for it.

I thought of using Apache on the pi to serve webpages to interact with Kstars+Ekos, using PHP to execute local scripts. Not knowing if Ekos accepted command-line commands I thought of using xdotool or similar to directly click on its window, and some screen capture tool to obtain images from it to display on the webpage (overall a very brute approach). An offline version of Ekos live would be much better, as the interfacing has already been taken care of.

I'll see what can be done with it in its current development stage.

All the best,