Ricardo Serpell replied to the topic 'Post your INDI Setup!' in the forum. 10 months ago

I started trying INDI about a year ago as I was transitioning from unguided to guided exposures. I recently finished putting together the setup shown in these pictures.

I use Astroberry on a Raspberry Pi 4 to control everything remotely. There is a single cable going to the mount from the rest of the world: a 12V power cable, coming from a 12.5A source.

I wanted to have the least number of cables running across moving parts: the raspberry sits on the main telescope and so it moves with it, together with the cameras and electric filter wheel (and I hope an electric focuser in the future) that are connected to it (well, EFW is in fact connected to the ASI1600MM hub, the ASI120MM not, as I felt it worked better plugged in its own port at the raspberry). The raspberry connects to the mount via Bluetooth.

There is a power box (described in a previous post ) attached to the RA arm of the mount. It sources power to the mount and the camera cooler (12V) and to the Raspberry Pi (5V). Power cables to the raspberry and camera cooler run through the declination arm.

It's been a long learning process, but here is the first HaRGB image I have done with this setup: https://www.astrobin.com/thmb4v/

I'm grateful to all the people n this forum. You all have been a source of invaluable help.

Best regards!