Thank you for your quick answer. I solved the problem, you were right the mount wasn't detected properly. I downloaded the last version of the Prolific driver and reinstalled it (rookie mistake, sorry). Now Ekos connects without any problem to the SW EQ6R-PRO mount and to all the other equipment.

Thank you again



I have received my new brand skywatcher EQ6R pro mount and I'm having problems to connect it to Ekos in my Mac via the new USB port with EQMOD driver.

All other components (NIKON DSLR and QHY5L-II mono) connect without problems to EKOS with Indi drivers and work perfectly, but I didn't find how to connect the mount.

The computer recognise the three componentes connected via usb as you can see in the screen capture.

I also changed the usb port baud rate to 115200 but didn't work. I know that everything is plugged correctly because under windows, in the same laptop, it worked perfectly in Kstars-Ekos and also in Sequence Generator Pro via ASCOM drivers.

Someone could indicate me how to fix it in Mac OS, I don't want to move to windows.

Thank you