Giles replied to the topic 'Re:Dark Flats' in the forum. 4 months ago

Dark Flats are distinct from Darks.

Dark Flats are Dark Frames with the exposure setting set to the same as the filter matching Light Flats.

They are used as an alternative for Bias frames with cameras that have issues with Bias frames (e.g. all ZWO CMOS cameras).

A Full set of calibration frames would include:

Darks (same exposure length as the normal light frames)
Flats (set at exposure length to match a particular low ADU)
Bias _OR_ Dark Flats (Bias are dark frames with very low exposure times), but ZWO cameras don't manage Bias frames very well, so it is recommended that they use Dark Flats.

This thread is about making it easier to make Dark Flats once you have created a set of the Flats with the auto-ADU setting in kstars.