Philip Mair created a new topic ' Autofocus and Cloud issues ...' in the forum. 7 months ago

This night i had an issue with some partial clouds.

The Autofocus process failed to focus and moved the Focus from initial 6200 up to 11300 and was not able to find a focus for the complete night.

The clouds where present from 23:27 till 23:53.

At 23:35 the Guding process lost his star:
[2020-09-09T23:35:41.310 Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit INFO ][] - "Lost track of the guide star. Searching for guide stars..."

At 23:38 the Capture module restartet the Sequence and started Autofocus:
[2020-09-09T23:38:44.038 Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit INFO ][ org.kde.kstars.ekos.focus] - "Autofocus in progress..."

And this was tried until daylight ... because it lost it moved too far away from the focus position and never moved back .... < i would treat this as a bug ...

Focus Settings are:
- Full Field with Annulus 25% / 75%
- Detection: SEP
- Algorithm: Linear
- Tolerance: 5%
- Initial Step Size: 15
- Max Travel: 200
- Out Step Multipe: 5.00

Any Suggestions how to fix that?