DerPit wrote:
I also noticed that in debug it's even more verbose and reports the check after each frame, like
[2020-08-18T06:37:15.478 WEST DEBG ][ org.kde.kstars.ekos.capture] - Focus temperature delta (°C): 0.21 . Requested maximum delta (°C): 1
So enable debug for the capture module and check the output...

Edit: Sorry, just see that your log was with debug, and without the entries. Definitely try again with 1,00

I tried with 1 but i can't find such log entry in my logs :(

El Corazon wrote: "2020-09-16T22:29:09.259 Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit INFO ][ org.kde.kstars.ekos.capture] - "Ekos will refocus in 3.600 seconds.""

Also, you are set to refocus after 1 hour anyway. Most likely, temperature drop will not exeed the [delta] T before the next refocus will be triggered anyway.

So if you want to test refocus on delta[T], disable the refocus after 60 min check box.

I had this disabled this option, but no focus was done. The thing is, that it seems that Ekos is not checking the current focuser temp. The only step where i can find the focuser temp is while the autofocus procedure:
[2020-09-17T02:39:56.796 Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit DEBG ][     org.kde.kstars.ekos.focus] - "Setting current focuser temperature: 13.00"

But in this case it seems only to resolve in half steps, the UI of the driver has more sensible steps:

So do you think this may be a driver issue?