Obviously tracking with Alt/Az is inheritelly much more complicated than tracking with EQ.
For an EQ mount you have polar alignment, and if it is right in theory you only need to rotate the RA axis at a correct speed, right?
For Alt/Az there is no equivalent thing. You have to have your mount level (Az axis vertical, and Alt axis horizontal) in the first place, but still the tracking software (be it the INDI driver or Synscan) still have to consider your exact position on the globe and the exact time. Any inprecisity in that would cause poor tracking.
So far I thought that the alignment procedure is for comensationg for these inperfectments. So by syncing to many stars it could deduce how much the Alt and the Az axis is inclined to the perfect direction (which is maybe the same as having an error in your geo location, I bet). I have a feeling that I could have read these estimated angle errrors from the driver somehow, but I cannot find it anywhere. All I see is that a sync operation adds an offset to the coordinates around the part of the sky it is made. But it will be not enough I'm afraid.