and sorry if this is discussed already somewhere else, tried to extensively search and read the previous forum posts on polar alignment crashing. I'm using latest build 2020-02-14T16:34:45Z but the problem persists with ToupCam GPCMOS01200KPB. I've been using Kstars with Raspberry Pi3 for some time now, and really love it as it makes the setup really portable. However, polar alignment with this camera is still causing trouble.

Had a chance to test the same setup with Altair GPCAMAR0130M camera (only the camera changed, everything else being exactly the same), and it works just fine, no crashing. Please see the logs for both Altair and ToupCam. Unfortunately as the ToupCam is an older version it cannot be used with Altair drivers so I'm stuck with this one.. I've been using the ToupCam camera for some time and pretty much everything else works just fine (guiding, etc.) so it would be really great if it could be used for polar alignment as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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