Perhaps not - I am getting the same error and the Shutter is clearly connected. I can't slew the dome or open teh shutter - despite the driver connecting and reporting the right firmware version.

I've recently tried to get back into kstars after a spell of using Voyager as my daily (because I needed to get imaging done during variable weather conditions and Ekos doesn't handle that too well and I don't have the coding skills to add the new functionality I need!) - a little sad that it's not working.


Thanks Wolfgang - this is a great little thread. I have to admit I have been naughty and started using Voyager for imaging recently because I needed a solution that was more robust in how it handled weather events - both clouds and rain. (I still keep my subscription to Ekos Live to support the team as much as I can!)

Whilst it's a nice package (excellent autofocus routine for example) and handles weather events exceptionally well - it it's scheduler isn't anywhere near as cool at Kstars/Ekos (and I think this community is so much nicer to work with) and of course, Linux support!

I love your suggestions for people who are not using cloud sensors (sensors that also time to time don't always detect clouds!) - it would be great to see a more integrated weather exception handling model - suspend versus abort logic.

I recognise that there are some risks involved - I just don't know how much recoding would be required to support a "weather conditions" overnight module (wind, light, clouds and rain).


Paul Muller replied to the topic 'Re:Software Bisque Paramount MX+' in the forum. 2 years ago

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve never used my Paramkunt with PHD2 other than under Windows, but I did use the excellent built in guider from Ekos, so see no reason why you wouldn’t just use that?

But thinking about the core problem, because things should just work, make sure you’ve got DirectGuide enabled and aren’t using the old ST4 style guiding, that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Happy to,do a TeamViewer session and do some debugging if you like.