I'm trying to replace the kstars and INDI versions that come with Astroberry 2.0.1 with the stable build of Jasem, which contains update of 4 QHY related files (as you may notice I have been struggling to fix the QHY cameras USB connection problems):

indi-qhy 2.6~202004201859~ubuntu18.04.1 Jasem Mutlaq (2020-04-20)
indi-qhy 2.6~202004201859~ubuntu16.04.1 Jasem Mutlaq (2020-04-20)
indi-qhy 2.6~202004201858~ubuntu20.04.1 Jasem Mutlaq (2020-04-20)
indi-qhy 2.6~202004201857~ubuntu19.10.1 Jasem Mutlaq (2020-04-20)

I executed the following commands but it seems both kstars and indi are not affected after the "purge" commands, I can still open them up. Any Linux guru know what the problem is?

sudo aptitude purge indi-bin libindi-data libindi1 libindidriver1
sudo aptitude purge kstars kstars-data

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mutlaqja/ppa
sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude install indi-full kstars-bleeding