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Maxchess wrote: In answer to the question "Is there actually any success story of a fully stable astroberry / ekos/ inid setup with QHYCCD imaging equipment?" Not sure if it helps but I have a very stable setup running the QHY5L-II M as guide camera on Indi/Ekos on a Rock64, although I built it using the simple download Ubuntu instructions at: . I have been using the setup with changes of equipment for about 2 years. Some learning: use a well powered USB hub; make sure the 12v supply has enough power, I use RoyPow 12V 10A Adapter, wires beats wireless, my Rock64 has a wired ethernet connection. One of the challenges of Indi/Ekos is that there are so many options & settings and it takes some digging to get them right. So recently I found Astrometry stopped solving when I changed spacing on a scope and it took me a while to find the setting to get it to forget the old "FOV". But when then once I have a settled config everything works wonderfully.

What's your main camera? Is it also a QHY CCD?

One of the problems I'm facing is the QHY cameras can't live together with astroberry.