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Latest RST Rainbow software V.200131
Raspberry Pie 4
KStars 3.4.2

I am unable to sync the position of the SkyMap/Handcontroller/OTA-Telescope with the object on the SkyMap using the Rainbow Astro RST-135 Setting EKOS-KStars.

Example Screens included.

1. When EKOS-KStars is set to the basic LX200 mode, the KStar-SkyMap/Handcontroller/OTA-Telescope all have the same sky object referenced.

When the RainbowAstro RST-135 is set to the Rainbow Astro > RST-135 mode, the KStar-SkyMap/Handcontroller/OTA-Telescope has the Handcontroller and the OTA-Telescope matching, but not the KStar-SkyMap referencing the same sky object. There is an unresolvable offset even after using the sync function in the Astro Astro Handcontroller and/or KStartars.

How do I get EKOS-KStar set with the Rainbow Astro > RST-135 mode for controlling the RST-135 mount to have the KStar-SkyMap match what the Handcontroller and what I see through the OTA-Telescope?

I have used the SYNC function without success.

As a reference, the iPhone-SkySafari Plus/Handcontroller/OTA-Telescope combination set up with:

"Meade LX200 Classic"

has the iPhone-SkySafari Plus/Handcontroller/OTA-Telescope all matching the same object in the sky. [ASCOM w/ MaxIM DL, TheSky6], Stellarium and Cartes du Ciel Open Source Planetarium all seem to work correctly too.

Any and All suggestions welcome.

Thank you