WOW, this is great.

I was having these problems with the mount so ... I upgraded my firmware. The most recently released firmware is what I am running. There is a new product that RainbowAstro is releasing, the RST-300, and maybe this is why you see the mismatch in what you reviewed from my unit and the log I forwarded.

– Change homing range to 200 degrees
– Fixed bug with meridian flipping when canceling GOTO

The RST-135 is kind of a new product, so these kinds of crazy things are expected.

Unfortunatly, I can NOT go back to the previous firmware release. Or I need to ask RainbowAstro how to do that. Unluckily, I do not know anyone who has not upgraded whos mount I can use to get a PRE UPGRADE log.

How can I help?

How do you want me to proceed?

Is there someone I should try to contact in Korea and Rainbow Robotics??