Thank you for your support of the Astronomy Community and this spectacular cluster of valuable practical, functional software tools.


I did follow your recommendation and contacted Rainbow Astro Support, and my Local Reseller, Cloud Break Optics, [described the problem and provided the log{KStar/Ekos Log}] about what I thought the problem was. And I received an immediate response acknowledging my technical question and then not too long after that a complete, understandable, and implementable resolution/solution.


As a part of the solution, I downloaded and successfully upgraded my RST-135 with the most recent firmware upgrade from RainbowAstro's Support Page that corrects:

– Change the homing range to 200 degrees
– Fixed bug with meridian flipping when canceling GOTO
– Fixed a bug where the mount was reversed in Southern Hemisphere / ALT-AZI mode

Then, I followed the instructions and correctly set up the RST-135 to use KStars and EKos. [KStar & EKos/RST-135 Hubo-I Handcontroller User Manual ... of course there is always user error, I'm Human]

KStars and EKos NOW CONTROL MY RAINBOWASTRO RST-135 MOUNT PERFECTLY!!!!!! Now the tuning ....... process .....

Thank you for your assistance and recommendations for troubleshooting my technical challenge.