I am just integrating the QHY 268M into my setup - too many clouds to try it outside so far.
I notice that when I use 3x3 binning on the image capture, the fits viewer still indicates that it is a 16-bit image.
I know that the plate-solver likes to use binning to simplify the problem, but binning (at 16 bits) might lead to problems.

Is your 268C image showing up in the FITS viewer 16 bits?


Michael Kutzke replied to the topic 'Dual Camera Imaging realized' in the forum. 2 years ago

Wow - this sounds like fun. I will try it out (in the 1 image mode first), and soon be on the market for more equipment!

Has this feature been added to the 'official' ekos repository? (Are there plans to?). If so I would recommend adding this as an option (pre-job, pre-capture, post-capture, post-job?) to keep maximum flexibility.


So what solving method do you suggest for me? My rpi4 at the scope running astroberry with kstars 3.4.x does it all currently with only an external computer (or iPad) necessary to setup the schedule and polar align. The Indi platesolve works well in this scenario. I assumed the updated solver would also behave well in this use case, but from the last post it sounds like a laptop/ external computer is recommended. - or did I miss something?


I was just wondering if an external (USB) wi-fi dongle would it still encounter the same interference issues?

I am about to try it out (have been using wired ethernet with great success) - so I will find out on my own...

With this info about interference, I may put it on a USB extension which will get it away from the USB 3.0 hub too..


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Since the built in wifi is degraded by the heatsink/ case I am using, external Wifi sounds like a good idea.

According to the adafruit website : "Look for a WiFi adapter that supports the RTL8192cu chipset the latest Raspbian distributions both have support for this built-in."

I just ordered this: www.adafruit.com/product/1030

I will update with how easy it is to use (I hope) soon after it arrives...


FYI - I just had this same issue:

Brand new RPI 3+
Brand new SD card image
Updated/ upgraded and then got the 404 error page on the desktop

Tried the above command and it ended with:
Setting up indi-sbig (2.1-3) xxx
Processing triggers for ...
Processing triggers for initramfs-tools (0.133+deb10u1) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:

did a restart and the web based interface worked... just like jdain said it would!

Thanks for asking/ solving this issue so quickly...