First, I am sorry if this is something that is already possible. It may be and I just don't know the settings or maybe I am having some issues with my system.

Anyway, what I am asking is that the filter used for focusing and alignment be set to the current scheduled filter. Currently my setup is always going with my Luminance filter for focusing and my Ha filter for alignment. I believe this happens because it saves what is selected previously(?). I have noticed more than once that filters used for alignment and focus are the incorrect filters. Maybe not so much for the focus module, but I have definitely seen it happen in the alignment tab.

IF I forget to change these before starting the scheduler then the filters are moving unnecessarily.

For instance, my current target tonight is shooting red, green and blue. However, upon loading kstars/ekos the alignment tab is set to Ha. If I were to let it go without changing it then I will get a filter change once alignment comes up to the Ha filter. It would be much easier if alignment could happen with the first/current scheduled filter so there would be no need for a filter change.

Maybe this doesn't matter so much, but with the issue of the filters not aligning properly on the ZWO due to a sensor issue(?) ends up throwing my flat frames off.

I hope what I am saying makes sense and if there is a solution to this then I apologize. I currently have had this happen a few times. Maybe my system is just acting weird or something or maybe I am just doing something flat out wrong.

Thank you!