Douglas Mason created a new topic ' Astroberry Images' in the forum. 1 year ago

I hope you can help, 

I've previously run Astroberry as a server with everything operating from my main computer so when I took images I just had them downloaded onto a file on my computer.
I am now running Astroberry via VNC so everything is on the Raspberry pi at the telescope end. I've got the software on a 250g SSD and it is running well.  Yesterday I was doing some imaging tests so I set up some Light/Dark/Dark Flat folders on Astroberry following the default link to /home/astroberry/Pictures and then I took some images.  I shutdown Astroberry, removed the SSD drive and conected it to my main computer to copy the test images over..............this is where the problem arose, I couldn't find the image folders.

I'm sure I've done something wrong and may have even set up the picture folder in the wrong place, I don't want to use another USB drive as I have 218gb spare on the SSD to use for imaging.

Any advice greatly appreciated, apart from this everything else seems to be running fine.