I wonder if anyone can point me to instructions on how to use the Serial Port Assistant in Astroberry, I've looked on the forum and cant find any specific to Astroberry.

I'm trying to help a friend get his Raspberry Pi and  Astroberry up and running, we've done most of it but their seems to be a conflict between his Altair Astro Guide Camera and his Altair Astro Imaging Camera.  When we connect his equipment the guide camera doesn't show up. When we connect the guide camera to the Pi on its own and try to connect it to EKOS, it doesn't show up as a guide camera, it shows up as the imaging camera, I think we may need to map the ports individually for each camera.  Can we map the ports using the Serial Port Assistant in Astroberry/Ekos once we know how to use it or is their some other method we need to use.

I have my own set up and have not run into this problem yet as my equipment is from different manufacturers.

I appreciate any help with this.