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When I built my dew heater control box quite a few years ago I used DS18B20 on each strap to allow me to feed back and control the PWM to teh strap itself. This needed something different to the phono style connectors so I used 4 pin DIN connectors at the time.

I am really interested in this project - I think I would use off-board connectors to allow the above implementation plus that would allow for better weather proofed solution (though not watertight, but if I can avoid condensation getting in to the enclosure that would be good.

Looking forward to see how it progresses... and where I can help if possible.


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Ah - that's probably it - annoying though I could do with a time machine to go back and know what went wrong!


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I had an issue last night resulting in 5 hours of lost imaging time in clear skies which I'd like to get to the bottom of however whilst I have the kstars logs, I have no indi logs (that I can find).... what am I missing here?
using the web viewer, I can find and download the kstars log but the indi logs are just showing empty. I've looked under /home/stellarmate/.indi/logs and that's empty too. It's quite frustrating because the kstars log isn't quite informative enough for me to work out what went wrong in the system...

Am I missing a configuration option to ensure I also have indilib logs too?

Actual issue I am trying to debug is a sequence of a number of targets, ran successfully from 21:00 onwards, valid slew, align, focus calibration and tacking. At 00:24 successfully slew and align to a new target and then at 00:28 the autofocus starts but fails to conclude with any message at 00:31 , next log entry is 04:47 where the guider complains about Delta RMS and starts searching for guid stars.... so it is a mystery what happened between 00:31 & 04:47 at the moment!

Somehow there is success around 05:43 ish as I have one in-focus 10 min sub in before the sky becomes too bright. I am unable to see what went wrong between 00:30ish and 05:40ish

My current theories are either failed autofocus or the camera has got stuck in some state (I've had the later in the past where a camera reset has managed to get the sequence to unfreeze and progress to starting the capture of the images)

The annoying thing (apart from lacking info) is that I went to bed 30mins before this started to go wrong LOL

Any pointers about where to find the indi logs or what might have gone wrong much appreciated as my confidence in leaving the system along to work is now quite a bit dented :(


Thanks - I can confirm that this works! :)


If I set up a sequence in Ekos to run say LRGB at gain = 50 and then HaSO at unity, "gain = --", all images captured are at gain = 50 This is a problem if I plan on taking a batch of flats as shown in the attached image.

Do I need to specify gain = 139 in order to make this work?

(I assumed that "--" would use the infinity gain setting of teh ASI1600mm ?)


I would much prefer the alignment to use the current filter if coming from the scheduler i.e. if I have a schedule to take 10 blue, I would prefer to focus, align and capture with that filter. At the moment, it seems to only capture with that . There is a exposure field on the alignment tab which could be used similar to the filter settings exposure, if the exposure works for focus, it should also work for align.


Same here, I still upload to Wunderground but would like to move to a more accessible service for the benefit of others.