Some sort of unique 'session identifier' would be useful as well - at the moment I have to manually rename my captured files to insert a string like "_Session_211007_" so that I can use the batch processing in pixinsight to match flats to multi night sessions.

The using some post-processing to insert current date runs into problems where the imaging session starts pre-midnight and goes on till the early hours of the next day, so you end up with 2 dates for 1 session which makes automation hard.

Using the date of when Ekos/Kstars started would be OK but there might be the case where there is a crash or user restart which might cause a issue.(perhaps use the start date and only change that to date+1 is it is older than 12 hours say?)

I'm sure there is some way of automating it? I almost went down the route of writing a script but my skills for doing that arn't robust enough to trust I wouldn't lose data etc :)