Hi all,

I try to use PHD2 alone to check perriodic errror of my mount, but PHD2 doen't detect the driver of the mount (indi_starboork_telescope);

The camera is well recognize and in the assistant I'm able to select it, but not the mount. I can just click on INDI button to open the INDI window and then connect the mount but when I close this window, I can't validate and select the driver.

Nevetheless when I try to connect my setup to KSATRS EKOS, it seems that everything is ok.

To use PHD2 alone I first start both drivers via the command, indiserver -p 2000 indi_starbook_telescope for the mount and indiserver -p 3000 indi_asi_ccd for the guide camera.

It seems also that's working well.

I continue to investigate but does anyone could help me please?