Peter Greis replied to the topic 'New User - A speed question' in the forum. 2 years ago


You're right. I attached the wrong screen grab. I have been using the copy of Astrometry on the Raspberry Pi. This speeds up the solve by about 10 sec. In looking at the timestamps in the logs, most of the time taken up in solving is uploading the image back to my laptop. Still not sure why remote solving would cause Indiserver to upload a captured image, when I'm solving on the Pi.?


I just received my Raspberry Pi4, so I'll be upgrading so I'm sure local solving will be faster. I had not considered using an SSD. Something I need to look into. Also, as I mentioned above, most of the elapsed time for an alignment iteration is taken up with uploading the image from my camera to my Windows laptop running KStars/Ekos. Still not sure why the software does that, when solving is done entirely on the Pi. If it didn't do that it would be a lot faster.

Thanks to both of you for offering good suggestions and ideas.