I have used Stellarmate successfully with my Skywatcher 100ED scope but now I'm trying to setup my Celestron Edge HD9.25 with Stellarmate.


  • Celestron EdgeHD 9.25
  • Skywatcher EQ6R mount
  • Celestron .7 Focal Reducer
  • Celestron SCT motorized focuser
  • Celestron OAG with ASI120MM for guiding
  • ASI462MC primary imager
  • ASI filter drawer
Everything connects successfully and I can control everything. The issue I am having is with stellarsolver. It fails whenever I attempt to align to a target. First thing I checked was to make sure I had the telescope setup correctly. The Celestron EdgeHD 9.25 has a focal length of 2350mm and an aperture of 235m. With the .7 focal reducer the focal length is 1645mm. The ASI462 appears to be setup correctly (checked all the parameters in EKOS). Calculating the FOV I get 11.73' x 6.64' and in the align module I see 11.7' x 6.6' for FOV and F/ is 7. Since it's an F10 scope, the focal reducer would make it F7 I believe. So, I think that is correct.

The error message solver failed ... there is not enough stars, check FOV...etc.

I'm hoping someone can suggest other things I should check. or other information I can provide that could help debug this issue.