Dusiness is taking alot of time right now and development of driver stuck somwhere in the middle

I still not migrated on Linux with my setup so probably that is a reason too

Anyway I will try to make first version next week

And yes< it is correct - difference between 2" and 3" only size


Hi ,
There is a delay with a driver, due ...work stuff. Anyway I keep working on it and will release it

BTW, you can use SestoSenso2 driver to control ESATTO 2, but errors will ocurr.


And yes I nocticed a CommandSet and it make process of modification relatively easy


Well, I get it worked.

Focuser move in and out , can reach desired position, abort etc...
Yes, commands are similar to sestosenso2 and few of it I keep unchanged and my driver just a modification of Sesto Senso 2 driver

I need to investigate some non critical bugs , fix it and it can be used.
Also I run in troubles with setting up QT Creators how it described in iutorial... QT cant find stddef.h so I drop it made all changes in text editor, build and install from terminal, then just run test with Kstars

I think the first version of driver will be ready in few days, with basic functions and then I'll add rest of them (like LEDs, Presets, Voltage etc).
Also still waiting for Tprobes so can test how it works.


I just made quick check on SESTO SESNO 2 driver and looks like it use similar commands and principes. So it shold be much easier then I think.
I will try to adopt it this weekened.

All the parsing procedures and communication protocols already there I just need to dig deeper and make some changes.

So I think there no need to implement openweathermap JSON parsing features. And probably it is not a JSON it just looks like it. I am not an engeneer at all so can make such mistakes.



Well, looks like no clear sky for me all the week. Why not to try to make my first driver ?)



I dont know actually what commands uses existing driver and just start my journey with Linux so it is abit complicated for me to read all the drivers source< but i run serail port monitor and get next results for ESATTO 2.

ESATTO 2 (and i bielieve 3) uses Silicon labs CP210 USB to UART bridge.
After connection on comport (which is was 10 on both my computers) there is continiusly data transfer which looks like
{"req":{"get": ""}}} - i bieleve it is request form original software

the answer is JSON (or similar)

each transmission from hardware ends with

I tried to undestand what each part of JSON means:
Where SN - should be SN
MACAADR is address of wifi onboard
MODNAME obiviosly sis model name
"WIFI":{"CFG":0,"SSID":"ESATTO20101","PWD":"primalucelab"} - wifi network config
SWVER - software version
EXT T - used for external T .Probe which is not installed on my setup.
"VIN_12V":"14.04","VIN_USB":"5.30" voltage on 12v input and USB
Presets it is presets which can be stored for future use (my is empty)
DIMLEDS it is should be a parameters for onboard leads (there is three of them)

And most inetresting thing is MOT1 section
ABS_POS":191263,"SPEED":0 absolute position. May confirm that is position which indicates in software. Speed - will test it but should be or focuser speed at the moment or settings for speed
I have no clue what STATUS section means...
But "CAL_MAXPOS":439000,"CAL_MINPOS":0 that is a calibration settings for min and max.
NTC_T":"16.92 is internal T.probe data

Moving of focuser is achieved by sending command {"req":{"cmd":{"MOT1":{"GOTO":204222}}}}
After move complete there is respond transmiting from software {"res":{"cmd":{"MOT1":{"GOTO":"done"}}}}

When the motor moves standart comms continues I droped all messages and just show you MOT1
Right after command

after sending MOT_STOP. Please beaware respond <code>{"res":{"cmd":{"MOT1":{"MOT_STOP":"done"}}}}</code> was recivied before that status




after that calibration process starting . status messagesMOT1 section looks like
we can see motor speed and status of calibration EXEC
after CALIBRATION Is done

That information should be enought to create first version of simple driver. I can test it . I will try to create my own driver but need to read all the tutorials and hat take time) For skilled and familiar with INDI engenner is should be much faster
if someone will work on driver i can provide any additional info



but how can I add it to Astroberry server (well, Raspbian/buster actually) ?