So I've been using the new version (1.7) for a few nights and have been happy with the results. It seems that if I have clear nights, then everything works well. However, on Thursday night we had some clouds pass through... and things went south. As best as I can tell, EKOS began losing the guide star intermittently and then reacquiring it and begin guiding again. Up to a point, it worked correctly... trying to find the guide star and aborting the capture... then restarting. But then it lost the guide star and slew the scope far enough to put the object out of the frame. Then it started guiding again and capturing again... in the wrong place. After about two hours, it lost the guide star again and, apparently, aborted the job. The scheduler restarted the job, realigned and worked properly from then on.

I understand everything that happened except the radical slewing. Why didn't the guide slewing limits in PHD2 work? Shouldn't the pulses shut off when it loses the guide star?

I've attached the log... hopefully, someone can figure it out.