Mark Elliott created a new topic ' Two astroberries, one GPS' in the forum. 4 months ago

Hi all,

I have two astroberries on my network, one with a UBlox GPS dongle, the other without.

GPS dongle works fine - plug it in and time/location update, indi driver runs, GPS panel updates location etc etc. I've disabled VirtualGPS and set gpsd listen stream to

All good.

I've disabled VirtualGPs etc.
Ekos sees the GPS Indi driver on DeviceOne, so KStars updates correctly, etc
CGPS, GPSMon, XGPS can all see GPS on DeviceOne:2947 and report position/time from it correctly.

All good.

What I would like is for DeviceTwo astroberry OS, GPS Panel, system time etc to also update from the GPS on DeviceOne

But, in GPS Panel on DeviceTwo, all I see is "Waiting....".

I've plugged the GPS dongle into DeviceTwo and GPS Panel etc all update correctly.

So I want GPS Panel, system time etc on DeviceTwo to be set from GPS on DeviceOne.

Anybody point me at what I need to do to get DeviceTwo to see the GPS on DeviceOne and behave as though it were directly connected?

Thanks in advance,