Hi all
i just got the issue last night and checked more in detail the log files

in my last night cession i was imaging M101 for 150 pictures of 30 sec exposure
it runs fine, from files 1 to 71 and after four more files with index number equal to 71 and stuck to 71 and then EKOS/KSTAR crashed.

see extract enclosed

line 10 first file with index 71 ("FITS" file saved to "/media/astroberry/SKY_KEY/M_101/Light/Red/M_101_Light_Red_30_secs_2022-01-21T02-27-22_071.fits") is saved (this is the first index 71, so the correct one)
the next one is line 978        ("FITS" file saved to "/media/astroberry/SKY_KEY/M_101/Light/Red/M_101_Light_Red_30_secs_2022-01-21T02-28-29_071.fits")

and the times difference shows that there is close to 1 minute 7 sec of difference (instead of 30sec)
so i check between those two lines using guiding rate of 2 sec images (to get around 30sec after first index 71 image )

and i found that line  : [2022-01-21T02:28:02.000 CET WARN ][                       default] - QProcessPrivate::createPipe: Cannot create pipe 0xc5e370c: Too many open files

seem that this is the source of the crash issue. 

any idea of the origin of this message from which process it is coming from  ?

thanks for your help there



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