Eric TINLOT created a new topic ' Kstar and Ekos crash' in the forum. 1 year ago

i  have the following issue since a while that crash Kstars during automatic cession 
so each time bad mood in the morning when i see that it stops just 30min after going to bed.

in my last cession i was imaging M101 for 150 pictures of 30 sec exposure
it runs fine, from files 1 to 71 and after the next four files were with index stuck to 71 and then EKOS/KSTAR crashed.

i checked the log file and i found this line  : [2022-01-21T02:28:02.000 CET WARN ][                       default] - QProcessPrivate::createPipe: Cannot create pipe 0xc5e370c: Too many open files

seem that this is the source of the crash issue. i've nothing else than kstars and ekos running on the RPI4
any idea of the origin of this message from which process it is coming from  ?

thanks for your help there as this is a very boring issue.