All right,
this is what I found out. There are (at least) two issues going on:
The missing variable names in "imageformatcf" and "capturesettings" show up after version 2.5.22 of libgphoto2. Up to 2.5.22, the variables are displayed correctly with my Canon 1000d.
The problem with the focus module being unable do load the pictures when saved to SDCard is happening after indi-gphoto-ccd version 2.9. The 3.0 version (included in indilib-3rdparty-driver 1.8.6 and higher) shows the erroneous behavior. This, also, seems to be happening only with my Canon 1000d.
So, right now, I have compiled a version of kstars 3.5.2stable together with indi-gphoto-ccd version 2.9 (from indilib-3rdparty-driver release 1.8.5) using libgphoto2 version 2.5.22.
This works for me for now, but still, it would be nice if one of the developers could check into both issues...