Åke Liljenberg replied to the topic 'Meridian Flip confusion' in the forum. 6 months ago

OK, so I have made several tests now and have come to the conclusion that the mount doesn't persist the meridian limit I set with the hand controller.

So if I set a new value, e.g. 6 deg (Ekos 2 deg as always) and start tracking somewhat west of the meridian, the it works as expected and Ekos flips when it passed the meridian by 2 deg.
If I then turn off and on the mount, check that the hand controller still shows 6 deg, start a tracking west of meridian, then the mount decides to flip exactly at the meridian. I.e. as I would have set it to zero deg...!
If I then again change the value (arbitrary, let's say 5 deg) and do the tracking again, then it works as expected (i.e. Ekos flips 2 deg after the meridian).

So I need to always have the hand controller connected and always change the flip limit in the hand controller before the session for it to behave as expected.

To me this looks like a bug in CEM40, right? Shouldn't the mount persist the value from the hand controller? Or at least use the current value in the hand controller?

Any thoughts?

// Åke